Sales Brokerage

International Representation Through In-Sourcing

International sales marketing through in-sourcing is no different than hiring independent sales representatives or contractors. The main difference lies in the fact that Atlas Fidelity International will do it on an international level by focusing on a region we know very well, the Middle East and North Africa.  Our margin based hands-on services in merchandising your product through dealers and distributors will take your small or medium-sized company to a global level that was only attainable to large companies.  Normally, for a business that is based in the United States to establish international transactions, they will have to go through multiple layers of middlemen, translators, international and domestic banks, foreign and United States government agencies, domestic and foreign transportation services and travel to the foreign country.  Atlas Fidelity International eliminates the difficulty of doing business internationally by streamlining this tricky process through in-sourcing.  A United States based company needs to deal with only one agency to reach the same goals and objectives.  Atlas Fidelity International can achieve that with a lower cost to you and less risk than most companies can achieve if they decide to do it in-house.