Conventional Marketing

Establishing Deeper Relationship Through Conventional Marketing

When it comes to establishing meaningful and deeper business relationships, nothing beats traditional communication.  The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is no exception to that rule.  One of the most important aspects of traditional marketing pieces of literature, especially in business-to-business marketing, is that they are personalized to the intended person or audience.  This literature is given much reverence by the person receiving and it gives the sender much more credibility. For these reasons, Atlas Fidelity International strives to maintain a positive relationship with the distributors and dealers through continuous correspondence.  Our communication is not only market savvy but culturally sensitive as well because it seeks to create a stronger business and personal bond that is important in creating mutual loyalties between U.S. and the MENA regions.

Atlas Fidelity International can assist you with the following:

Multilingual CorrespondenceTrademarking (icons, graphics) in Arabic and/or French
Multilingual business cardsMultilingual Brochures
Multilingual Flyers Multilingual Displays
Direct MailMultilingual Listing in Business Directories
Newspaper and Magazine AdsMultilingual Product Catalogs